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  • Chris Jastrzembski


College lacrosse has a new home. Welcome to

As a passionate supporter of college lacrosse, that version of the sport is covered by nearly every lacrosse entity and personality. And despite it being the main source of content for many of lacrosse's outlets, there hasn't been a specific place for college lacrosse since I left College Crosse in 2020.

Hence, the creation of this site.

I've been covering the sport of lacrosse professionally for seven years, beginning when I was a freshman at Syracuse University. I've been able to meet plenty of players, coaches, fans, media members, and other individuals throughout that time and I've learned so much about the game as well as myself.

I have a passion for lacrosse, specifically at the college level. Since leaving College Crosse, I wanted a platform to share that passion, along with news, analysis, and opinions. Also, maybe a podcast (again). This is the place.

This will be short and sweet, I still have some things to do with the site as well as myself. My hope is that you visit this site often throughout the year, offseason included.

Never graduate.

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